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facilitative approach that taps in the deep knowledge sitting inside the organization

Capability Building

do you feel the need to strengthen teams ability in the area of insights and strategic thinking

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Ask a question to a consumer and you will get an answer!  Now that is being consumer led.

Imagine this! If you and all your competitors were to take what consumer says at face value, chances are all companies will have the same answers to all the questions guiding their strategies. They will all have the same innovation pipeline, similar looking communication and similar performing product. Does that make sense to you?

Consumer is the source of it all but may not answer it directly. It requires forming a Hypothesis…. Synthesizing existing information……study why consumers behave the way they do…..Then answer the question you want answered. That is where the real challenge is…. Looking  at all perspectives and putting a story together given the data constraints.

At iSquare, our focus is on discovering something unique and new about the consumer needs, motivations or behavior.  A discovery that you could apply to drive your current business or innovation. Actionability and Solving issues is at the heart of  iSquare.