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Insight Consulting

facilitative approach that taps in the deep knowledge sitting inside the organization

Capability Building

do you feel the need to strengthen teams ability in the area of insights and strategic thinking

Facilitation/ Idea generation workshops

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There is no substitute for making a leap from insight to idea.

Getting to the relevant insight is only part of the solution.  Chances are your competitors are not too far from it. Winning in the marketplace requires you to convert those insights into big ideas.

To stay ahead in the game, out of the box solutions by drawing inspiration from a variety of sources is critical.  Generating ideas is not as hard. Brainstorming is offered as a value added service by just about everyone these days. Getting to ideas that are not only unique and appealing but also fit the innovation challenge is hard.

IdeaLab follows a structured process for breakout thinking that provides leap needed to generate winning solutions for your brands.