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Insight Consulting

facilitative approach that taps in the deep knowledge sitting inside the organization

Capability Building

do you feel the need to strengthen teams ability in the area of insights and strategic thinking

Facilitation/ Idea generation workshops

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As head of a business or a team, one of the most important things you do is to build teams’ and organization’s capability. One key area where gap exists and little is offered in terms of training is insights and strategic thinking.

iSquare offers capability building services for marketing and R&D teams. Reach out to us for more details if any of the areas interest you.

Our philosophy for capability building is centered around 2 key pillars:

Customization – every individual and teams need is different. 2 day classroom training on a standard subject matter is more like a paid vacation and break from work. Working with teams closely over an extended period and designing a course that meets their need is what is proven to work better.

On the job training – Our approach is to work with your teams on their brands and real life data. Therefore, what you get in the end is not only a stronger team but also some actionable insights that you can leverage for your business.

Areas where we help teams build capability are: 

  • Fix the mix
  • Idea Generation
  • Concept Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consumer Closeness