Work We Do

Insight Consulting

facilitative approach that taps in the deep knowledge sitting inside the organization

Capability Building

do you feel the need to strengthen teams ability in the area of insights and strategic thinking

Facilitation/ Idea generation workshops

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The biggest gap in organizations today is the leap one needs to make from sitting on heaps of data to synthesizing information and arriving at something actionable. If you have a business problem that you feel is more than a mere research project, iSquare can help.

  • Need help with a brand that is not meeting expectations or stagnating or an innovation not working well in the market, try our "fix the mix" approach. Its simple, structured and action oriented.
  • Time to put together a insight led 3 year strategic plan, Strat Plan” would be of help . The framework is comprehensive, ynthesizes all aspects of business and helps in putting together clear goals going forward.

How we work

Consulting project at iSquare is not about taking your problem and coming back with a recommended solution. The approach followed is what you would call “facilitative consulting”. It requires working collaboratively with teams and engaging key stakeholders to drive decision making. The process is iterative with clear reviews and milestones.